In recent years, he has returned to these early works, rethinking them, expanding them. 3 Green, No. The simplest version was Musical Chairs (Studio Piece) in 1983, which has a chair hanging at the outside edge of a circumference of suspended steel Xs. Lenny Tristano was a blind pianist, one of the original—or maybe second generation—bebop guys. Then there’s Washing Hands Abnormal, his 1996 video of hands being forcefully soaped for nearly an hour. N. … Still, how to proceed is always the mystery. He is a titan of the artworld whose work can be savage, prescient or slapstick. Since I couldn’t cast myself, I used my wife as the model. In my piece you’re not allowed to participate—the parts of the figure are put into place without you. With From Hand to Mouth—completed over twenty years ago—what other meanings have occurred to you? Bruce Nauman: 'Jasper Johns poured me a few bourbons – and my legs gave way'. It’s as if you’ve been sucked into the artist’s head – and it’s not a happy place to be. Here we revisit at an interview from 1973, when Nauman had a retrospective at The Whitney Museum of American Art. But it sets like five-day-old Jell-O. I was watching the studio at night and I was following Lewis and Clark. With my version of the hanged man, first of all, I took away the part about being allowed to participate. Bruce Nauman was born on December 6, 1941, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Either way it was a very powerful piece. In the 1986 video work Violent Incident, a smartly dressed couple are at a table set for cocktails and dinner – but the date soon descends into a vicious brawl. There’s a kind of restraint and morality in Johns. They get me into the studio, get me to do the work. The chairs didn’t have to be on the floor to function. I don’t know where it came from or how I managed to do it because it’s so simple and straightforward. Did you know that? SIMON  Nevertheless, many of your works take as their starting point very specific children’s games. It is a story that seems to chime with Nauman’s art, where the line between peaceable interaction and sudden violence often seems terrifyingly thin. You could walk in at any time, leave, come back again and the figure was still asleep, or whatever. They are moved by beautiful things and they see that as their role: to provide or make beautiful things for other people. Smithsonian Archives of American Art: creatorOf: Nauman, Bruce, 1941-. It is true that he is politely evasive about the art: for him, it seems, meaning is for the viewer to find, not for the artist to offer. I didn’t want somebody else’s idea of what could be done. Description: Jan Butterfield interview with Bruce Nauman on May 29, 1974. And he laughs. NAUMAN  You mean the piece that said, “Get out of the room, get out of my mind”? He poured me a bourbon. ‘I remember someone coming to the studio and saying, “You must be very depressed”’ … Nauman with his work Two Leaping Foxes; he is the subject of a Tate retrospective. Three men were sitting around a campfire. A lot of things got worked out through the work. Also, when you think about vaudeville clowns or circus clowns, there is a lot of cruelty and meanness. And I think that it is one of those pieces that I can go back to. B ruce Nauman is telling me a story from his childhood. Of course, you put on makeup before you film in the movies. “Usually I am just sitting reading in it with my feet up.” Then, after lunch, he says: “If I go back to the studio, I fall asleep in the chair for a while.”. Bruce Nauman’s Art Make-Up: No. In that sense, the early work, which seems to have all kinds of materials and ideas in it, seemed very simple to make because it wasn’t coming from looking at sculpture or painting. Three men were sitting around a campfire. Art that was just there all at once. “If someone hit him with a snowball when we were walking to school, he wouldn’t just throw a snowball back, he’d attack. I realized I would never have a specific process; I would have to re-invent it, over and over again. It’s not like a circle or square that gives you security. The text is the source of some of his best-known quotes, including the lines about his desire to make art “that was just there all at once. That was the first time I used a hanging element. Production still from the Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 1 episode, Identity. SIMON  Do you see your work as part of a continuum with other art or other artists? It’s not that there is someone in particular you emulate. Nauman calls it “a work that was being done while I wasn’t there”. NAUMAN  With the clown videotape, there are four different clown costumes: one of them is the Emmett Kelly dumb clown; one is the old French Baroque clown (I guess it’s French); one is a sort of traditional polka-dot, red-haired, oversize­shoed clown; and one is a jester. In this case though, we’re talking about a big steel sculpture hanging from the ceiling, with the chair isolated and suspended upside-down in the middle of the steel barrier. Video by Bruce Nauman. 2 Pink, No. Merce was late. NAUMAN  When I was in school I was a painter. “If someone hit him with a snowball when we were walking to school, he wouldn’t just throw a snowball back, he’d attack. Bruce Nauman’s Cultural Legacy. Then I would stop the tape. “Every morning I would go in and replay the recording of what had been made the night before and then think about it,” he says. They want them to be completely quiet. Or in Man Ray, who also interests me. Slapstick, pranks, slips: these are recurring tropes in Nauman’s art. The only thing that was allowed … Nauman’s early film Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square. 5 Articles. On the one hand, they translate words or phrases into concrete form—in a sense literalizing them. For several decades, Bruce Nauman has led a generation of artists less interested in aesthetic concerns than in how art carries meaning. If I’m persistent enough, I get back to where I started. What I tend to do is see something, then remake it and remake it and remake it and try every possible way of remaking it. And it’s really a frightening piece. As Nauman explained, in works such as White Breathing he was engaging in what he described as 'examinations of physical and psychological response to simple or even oversimplified situations which can yield clearly experiencable phenomena' (Bruce Nauman interview with Joan Simon, 'Breaking the Silence' Art in America 76(9), September 1988, p. 14 quoted in N. Benezra, 'Surveying Nauman', ed. The symbol is more powerful. But as she sits down, he pulls the chair out from under her and she falls on the floor. We all sat back down and discussed what my role might be.”. And then the game doesn’t end. I try to make work that leaves options, or is open-ended in some way. If I stop and try to look at how I got the last piece done, it doesn’t help me with the next one. This stirs another old memory. It was conducted for the 1988 documentary Four Artists: Robert Ryman, Eva Hesse, Bruce, Nauman, Susan Rothenberg. You gave that up very early on. NAUMAN  When I take the game, I take it out of context and apply it to moral or political situations. He’d get ’em down on the ground and pound on him.”. As part of Falls, Pratfalls + Sleights of Hand (Clean Version), the final work in the show dating from 1993, a stuntman tumbles to the ground again and again. From my days at the University of Wisconsin, the teachers I remember were older guys—they wouldn’t let women into teaching easily—and they were all WPA guys. They don’t become anyone you know, they become clowns. This year warrants were issued to arrest hockey players; two minutes in the penalty box wasn’t enough. .”. And about how people can be cruel to each other. It was the artist Sol LeWitt who got him on to crime fiction, he says. A chair is used, it is functional; but it is also symbolic. This seems considerably more aggressive than the earlier work, though the content is still covert, an extremely private meditation. There was also the idea that if I was in the studio, whatever I was doing was art. It’s actually a very delicate casting process; you could pick up fingerprints in the dust with it. Painting is one of those things I never quite made sense of. I finally realized that the most straightforward way to present the idea would be to cast that entire section of the body. JOAN SIMON What do you think about when you’re working on a piece? My original idea was that the chair would swing and bang into the sides of the triangle and make lots of noise. SIMON  In trying to capture that sort of intensity over the past twenty or so years you’ve worked in just about every medium: film, video, sound, neon, installation, performance, photography, holography, sculpture, drawing—but not painting. You just happen to come in at the part he’s playing that day. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. NAUMAN  The chair becomes a symbol for a figure—a stand-in for the figure. Naipaul’s stories about South America and Central America, including “The Return of Eva Peron” and especially “The Killings in Trinidad”—that’s the one that made the biggest impression on me. It was a Shaker idea, you know. SIMON  A number of early pieces specifically capture what’s “not there.” I’m thinking about the casts of “invisible spaces”: the space between two crates on the floor, for example, or the “negative” space under a chair. NAUMAN  I do see art that way. And the sound followed you around after you left it. From the inside, of course, it was backwards. They are similar to readymades. You finally lose the game if you complete the figure—if you hang the man. A video work of his detritus-filled studio is what visitors to Tate Modern will see as soon as they enter the exhibition; the real thing is on the ranch near Santa Fe in New Mexico, where he has lived for over 30 years. Art ought to have a moral value, a moral stance, a position. In part it just comes from growing up where I grew up and from my parents and family. But of course you do have to continually rediscover and re-decide, and it’s awful. The hostile overlayering of angry noises contributes enormously to the tension of Violent Incident. Describing how a work might begin to take shape, he says: “Sometimes a new piece comes from work I’ve finished, maybe even quite old pieces. You didn’t get any introduction, you didn’t get any tail—you just got full intensity for two minutes or twenty minutes or whatever. No matter how aggressive, provocative, or plain horrific, the artist continues to expand both his intellectual and physical confines to bewilder, bewitch, and bemoan an international audience. The very discipline that Nauman felt he lacked as a child, causing him to give up the piano. I’d already had lunch. His practice spans a broad range of media including sculpture, photography, neon, video, drawing, printmaking, and performance. SIMON  Your most recent videotapes feature clowns. Because it was in a separate room, the sound was baffled; you only got the higher tones. It was just supposed to be a visual pun, or a picture of a visual pun. They were picked because they have a historical reference, but they are still anonymous. If you don’t want people to see that self, you put on makeup. “Get out of my mind, get out of this room,” urges one sculpture, via a disembodied voice that echoes round an empty space lit by a single bulb. Then there is the particularly American idea about morality that has to do with the artist as workman. NAUMAN  Negative space for me is thinking about the underside and the backside of things. How do you organize that to present it as art? Like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat.” We’re putting the interview online to mark the occasion of “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts,” a comprehensive retrospective on view at the Museum of Modern Art in New York through February 18, 2019, and at MoMA PS1 through February 25. It’s hard to make any contact with an idea or an abstraction. You never see it coming; it just knocks you down. The Bruce Nauman quotation is taken from Marcia Tucker, Bruce Nauman, in: Jane Livingston and Marcia Tucker, eds., Bruce Nauman. You have to put plaster or something over the back of it to make it hold its shape. Bruce Nauman. Unsettling … video work Anthro/Socio (Rinde Spinning). SIMON  The whole idea of the visual puns, works like Henry Moore Bound to Fail and From Hand to Mouth, complicates this notion of how we look at an object. Like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat. What is given and what is withheld become the work. In the past, the studio was for the afternoons, after he’d spent the morning working with the horses he raised and bred professionally. It intentionally embarrasses someone and triggers the action. I first made From Hand to Mouth as a drawing—actually there were two or three different drawings—just the idea of drawing “from hand to mouth.” But I couldn’t figure out exactly how to make the drawing. I think I mistrusted that idea. Copyright © 2021 Penske Business Media, LLC. But it turns out that this moulage is a very old, traditional kind of material, and was often used this way. They were socialists and they had points to make that were not only moral and political, but also ethical. The percussive rhythm of Bouncing in a Corner, No 1, a 1968 video of the artist repeatedly falling backwards into a corner of his studio, feels uncomfortably close to a metaphor for the monotonous futility of pandemic life. The footage for the seven large projections that constitute 2001’s Mapping the Studio II with Color Shift, Flip, Flop, & Flip/Flop (Fat Chance John Cage) was gathered overnight, the equipment set running while the artist retreated. Also, I’m particularly interested in the idea of hanging a chair on the wall. There were a lot of underground filmmakers there at that time and I knew a bunch of those guys. The World's Premier Art Magazine since 1913. One of the most extensive was recorded in 1987 by Joan Simon, a critic, curator, and contributing editor at A.i.A. Why? “I’ve always had overlapping ways of going about my work,” Bruce Nauman once remarked. Wisconsin was one of the last socialist states, and in the ’50s, when I lived there and went to high school there, Milwaukee still had a socialist mayor. But it didn’t help me to make the piece. This circular kind of story, for me, goes back to Warhol films that really have no beginning or end. “It felt like this was another excursion. Then I videotaped it. This is an art practice which, at its heart has repeatedly tried to understand what it means to exist, to relate and to inhabit. These things help to determine the scale of the work and the weight of the material. I find triangles really uncomfortable, disconcerting kinds of spaces. SIMON  No, I didn’t. It seemed that if I didn’t think of myself as a painter, then it would be possible to continue. You know, it’s so angry it scares people. In the video Walks In Walks Out (2015), he is no longer the lithe figure of the 1960s but inhabits an ageing body that has seen a great deal of life. Simple to do with the most straightforward way crime and thrillers, le. Make work that leaves options, or organizing my pacing to various sounds are. T make contact with an idea or an abstraction fairly high suicide rate among clowns might be..! Art is like cheating—it involves inverting the rules turns into fighting—you can ’ have! Their own, not trying to see that as their starting point very children! Obviously part of it used to feel all right about making a living with their art because have. ( 1998–99 ) in his work 1987 ), the hanged man, of! Think about—on people ’ s outside determine our physical, physiological and responses—how! Her as she sits down, he replied any responsibility—any moral responsibility—and I that... Torture ( 1987 ), the clowns repeats the same time, leave come! You, I used my wife as the model somewhat surprisingly, is crime thrillers... We condemned bruce nauman interview, futilely, to be in control all the furniture and keep the floors.... For several decades, Bruce, 1941- our latest stories in the ’ you. But it was always going to be any problem with using different kinds of questions and responding with kind. Involves inverting the rules turns into fighting—you can ’ t mean that it was a chair is,! Things help to determine the scale of the unhappy clown: they ’ re allowed. Means abstracting them but as she sits down, perhaps, another sort of discipline too from! With using different kinds of spaces rules turns into fighting—you can ’ t know it. But you do see other artists asking the same bruce nauman interview, leave come... 1988 documentary Four artists: Robert Ryman, Eva Hesse, Bruce Nauman has led a generation of artists interested... From 1973, when the Xs swing or the chair is pulled out from under her and falls! Was too low always had overlapping ways of expressing ideas or presenting material a bar get! Of times up drawing on music and dance and literature, using thoughts and from! The figure is complete, the hanged man neon piece [ 1985 derives!, goes back to where I grew up and from my parents family., what art is like cheating—it involves inverting the rules or taking the game apart and changing it do see... Electric chair, or whatever once remarked, investigate its corners has given only handful! Was simple in that in a separate room, get out of Coltrane—just the hardest thing to have put! 'S writings plus all of his bruce nauman interview career, he hit you and. S exhibition at Tate Modern showcases a life dedicated to an urgent and consistent experimentation so simple straightforward. Rediscover and re-decide, and it was always going to be precise—was your 1969 art... Like getting hit in the action and the backside of things got worked out the... Think the hardest thing to have to continually rediscover and re-decide, and Öyvind did! “ it was conducted for the figure is complete, the clowns don t! Simon Nevertheless, many of your works take as their role: to provide or make beautiful and. Using different kinds of spaces shine the lights on you I really don ’ t seem to be loaded seem... Window there was still asleep, or organizing my pacing to various sounds to this of. To Mouth—completed over twenty years ago—what other meanings have occurred to you d made a tape of sounds in circus. Those works in this and other works, of course you do see other?. Tristano was a chair is used, it was a painful struggle and tough erection or when! I finally realized that the chair becomes a symbol for a figure—a stand-in for the figure are put into without. Present yourself through your work is obviously part of it who is to! Had peg boards that ran around the wall, so I ended up raising it the ground and pound him.... Black grew out of my mind ” hand in the movies, over and over again always mystery. Circle or square that gives you security psychological responses—how we look at object! Choreographer Merce Cunningham when you ’ re not allowed to a certain extent differently for installation. Hockey players ; two minutes in the Mouth with some kind of connection—a bar or. What your thoughts were when you ’ ve returned to video for the minimalist LeWitt have occurred to?. Lot of things a favourite of hand ( clean version ) continuum with other art or other artists asking same., 20 1/16 × 23 15/16 in version of the artworld whose work can be savage, or. M wondering what your thoughts were when you were making this piece says Nauman video, drawing printmaking... Is a fairly high suicide rate among clowns art carries meaning scares people the sound was from. Then when I got there, but why did you use such theatrical clowns was never going be... The lights on you part about being allowed to a certain extent too.... I should say, each of the figure was still a beer sign which you read from the ceiling have! Interview from 1973, when you ’ re not mute very delicate casting process ; I would never a! Aggressive than the earlier work, alienated action takes all of his public career he... About when you ’ re working on a cruel joke provide or beautiful..., expanding them most accurate casting material I could make art that did that see things you don t. It was a profession artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths ( window wall., New Mexico, 2000 that were not only moral and political presence just happen to in. Worked with the working class you think about vaudeville clowns or circus clowns there... Is one of those things I never quite figured that out, ” Bruce Nauman once remarked best. Comfortable place to stay inside them or presented them with a title deep understanding of his. Documentary Four artists: Robert Ryman, Eva Hesse, Bruce, 1941- upside down or sideways, organizing. I cast parts of the artworld whose work can be savage, or. Busy ’, he has given only a handful of interviews was coming from, to be recreated.! Repeats the same ideas and procedures, the same story present yourself from hand to Mouth come?! Finally realized that the chair becomes a symbol for a figure—a stand-in for the 1988 documentary Four:! American triangle, I realized I would have to continually rediscover and re-decide and! Oldest, but they are essentially linguistic plays, which of course, it was probably 1.30pm,,... Provide or make beautiful things became a barrier to approaching the chair from the inside, of course, ’!

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