The normal admission requirements must be met and the usual procedures followed. Admitted applicants will be required to send, or ask the appropriate university authorities to send, an official or certified copy of their complete, final academic record from each university-level institution attended to date. Application deadlines Fall (September) program entry International students: January 15 Canadian students: January 15 Winter (January) program entry Canadian students: October 1 Your application must be complete by the application deadline. A representative from the Only full time students are accepted. It is your responsibility to inform us of your intention to graduate. In all cases, after the completion of a Qualifying year or term, an applicant interested in commencing a degree program must apply for admission by the application deadlines. For further information, see The undergraduate-level courses to be taken in a Qualifying program will be prescribed by the academic unit concerned. It is your responsibility to inform us of your intention to graduate. All offers of admission have the approval of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and are sent to applicants electronically by Enrolment Services. The University has over 1000 programs through a number of faculties, schools and institutes. Master’s, Ph.D., graduate certificates offered in: Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Arts Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Education Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Law Faculty of Management Faculty of Medicine School of Music School of Nursing School of Physical and Occupational Therapy Faculty of Religious Studies Faculty of Science Some academic units of the Faculty of Education also require the taking of various tests. Your Login ID must be at least five characters long and include at least one alphabetic character. vitae. This credential is of special importance in the case of applicants whose education has been interrupted, or has not led directly toward graduate study in the subject selected. Consult the pre-application to-do list to figure out what you need and when. graduate study. Get your diploma. include expected results; may include a detailed curriculum Graduation vs. Convocation If you will complete your studies by December and intend to graduate at the end of the fall term, you must apply on Minerva by the end of November. You will be asked to select up to 2 research areas when you submit your online application. Apply online here. Get ready to apply. research background, significance, methodology, and references; may It is offered at many centres, including Montreal, several times a year; the entire examination takes about eight hours, and there is a registration fee. topic (not necessarily within the desired field of graduate study) The fee covers up to two program choices per term. selected by them, and intended to show their mastery of a given Writing Sample: a recent sample of the applicant's written work, on any Normally, applicants meeting any one of the following conditions are not required to submit proof of proficiency in English: Applicants who do not meet any of the above-listed conditions must demonstrate proficiency in English using one of the following options: In each case, applicants must ensure that official test results are sent to McGill directly by the testing service. research, including proposed Thesis Supervisor(s); describes the be significant; usually provides information about educational and Courses draw upon the civilian and common law traditions, but also include diverse legal traditions, legal theory, international law, environmental law, health law, human rights law, comparative private and public law, and air and space law. McGill University offers both graduate and undergraduate courses. Students are never permitted to pursue two full-time degree programs concurrently. Applications and uploaded supporting documents must be submitted according to individual academic unit specifications and deadlines; see See for information on grade equivalencies and degree requirements from countries in Europe and around the world. Once you have read the admission requirements below, proceed to the Application page The requirements in this section must be satisfied in order to be considered for admission. Look into entrance scholarships early! Applicants must select a "Research Area" in either Applications, Theory, or Systems. You will be eligible to attend the Spring Convocation ceremony. Maclean's ranking - top Canadian medical-doctoral university, #1 for 13 years in a row! High grades are expected in courses considered by the academic unit to be preparatory to the graduate program. qualifications, including employment, academic credentials, Candidates for Special, Visiting, and Qualifying status must also apply online and pay the application fee. degree on or before registration in the Ph.D. program. style or variety of styles; different samples of their artistic The applicant must present evidence of academic achievement: a minimum standing equivalent to a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 or a CGPA of 3.2 out of 4.0 for the last two full-time academic years. an unedited recording (audio or video) of the How to apply? Refer to for further information. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08540) consists of a relatively advanced test in the candidates’ specialty, and a general test of their attainments in several basic fields of knowledge for which no special preparation is required or recommended. High standing in this examination will not by itself guarantee admission. If the student has already registered, no deferral can be granted. McGill’s graduate programs in law are the most extensive in Canada. McGill University students and alumni can speak with a Carleton representative to learn more about their graduate programs, post-graduate certificates, and professional schools. At least 28 credits of COMP (or approved by MSc Graduate Program Director) courses including at least three 4-credit courses at the 500, 600, or 700 level. Admissions Login : Admissions: Help Exit: If you already have a Login ID and PIN, enter them now. The admission decision is based on the recommendation of the graduate academic unit. The application process for admission to McGill University is described in a few easy steps below: Apply online at the official website by creating an account. Qualifying year students must apply for admission to the program for which they seek qualification. Current postdoctoral researchers should contact their McGill supervisor or Graduate Program Coordinator as the first step to address all concerns. Most undergraduate students and non-thesis graduate students (Master's, certificates, diplomas) must use Minerva to apply to graduate. GMAT: Graduate Management Aptitude Test (see Admission Tests below), GRE: Principal Fortier's message to the McGill community on December 17 states that a final decision concerning the format of the upcoming Convocation ceremonies has been delayed until the new year. Curriculum Vitae: an overview of the applicant's experience and other If you will complete your studies by April and intend to graduate at the end of the winter term, you must apply on Minerva by the end of February. Only one Qualifying year (i.e., two full-time terms) is permitted. Submit your application before the deadline Application deadlines differ considerably between programs, therefore it is important to confirm the deadline of your intended program before applying. publication. An explanation of the grading system used by the applicant's university is essential. However, it must be stressed that satisfaction of thes… Graduate Students- Graduate Candidates have to submit a nonrefundable fee of 120.99 CAD and can choose to apply for up to 2 programs. A completed application includes all supporting documents and references. Gain insight into admission requirements and deadline dates, programs of study and campus life. Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2019-2020 (last updated Aug. 13, 2019) ( disclaimer ) As of October 1, you can apply. Find out about other opportunities Funding packages Collaborative Research and Training Experience at McGill McGill research centres . All supporting application documents and required supplemental materials must be uploaded directly to the McGill admissions processing system. Please reference this list to find out whom to contact in your department. Why Microbiology and Immunology at McGill? Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2018-2019 (last updated Aug. 16, 2018) ( disclaimer ) Please see the Principal’s full message here. The University will continue to closely monitor public health directives moving forward and will share further information by the end of February. Applicants (with some exceptions) are required to provide the names and email addresses of two instructors familiar with their academic work and who are willing to provide letters of reference in support of the application. The normal admission requirements must be met and all the usual procedures followed. Provide important documents and test scores like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and others. Are you ready to apply to graduate school in Electrical and Computer Engineering? A non-refundable fee paid by credit card in Canadian funds must accompany the online application. Please note that application fees and other charges are listed on the Student Accounts website. Please ensure that your use of certain terms conforms to the following definitions: Audition: a trial performance where a performer demonstrates Learn more about Convocation. reasons for applying to graduate studies and indicating The student must withdraw from the University and apply for admission to a later term. Transcripts written in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by a translation prepared by a licensed translator. The Miller Analogies Test may be used similarly. / Overview / Agricultural & Environmental Sciences / Graduate. If you will complete your studies by August and intend to graduate at the end of the summer term, you must apply on Minerva by the end of March. Following the instructions on the page, complete your application by verifying and then submitting the selections on your record. Select which of our 10 research areas best suit your interests. Update the year in your browser's URL bar for the most recent version of this page, or click here to jump to the newest e Calendar. Convocation is the ceremony where the Chancellor or his delegate confers the degree. The applicant should also indicate the major subject area in which further study is desired. In fact, as a graduate student at McGill University, you’re very likely to qualify for external funding. Programs, Courses & University Regulations Fall 2020–Summer 2021, Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2020-2021 (last updated Feb. 18, 2020) (, Graduate Admissions and Application Procedures,,, 86 overall (no less than 20 in each of the four component scores). minutes. Unable to attend convocation? A candidate with a given higher degree may apply for admission to a second degree program at the same level but in a different subject. Under exceptional circumstances, an admission for a particular semester can be considered for a deferral. Applicants to graduate studies must demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English prior to admission, regardless of citizenship status or country of origin. If you wish to be considered for financial support for the fall term, the deadline is January 1. You should therefore check this every so often. The Minerva Application for Graduation is available to students who have registered for their final year, except for those in the Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine (excluding the Ingram School of Nursing), who are automatically flagged for graduation in their final year. International students are advised to apply well in advance of the application deadlines as immigration procedures may be lengthy. Apply for an entrance scholarship. You will be eligible to attend the Fall Convocation ceremony. Search Courses; Search Programs; Dean's Welcome; Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies ; Important Dates; Graduate Studies at a Glance; Program Requirements; Graduate Admissions and Application Procedures; Fellowships, Awards, and Assistantships; Postdoctoral … Applications that are complete by January 1 will automatically be considered. Thesis, M.Eng. Update the year in your browser's URL bar for the most recent version of this page, or click here to jump to the newest e Calendar.